What is Double VPN and Why is it Useful for Users

Description: Every user is likely aware of what a VPN is. This article will provide you with a representation of what double VPN means, its pros and cons, and why it should be utilized by users.

Nowadays, users are often at risk while browsing the internet. No matter if you use your home Wi-Fi or public network, leaking of your data can occur anytime and everywhere. To avoid appearing in a trap of hackers, one should utilize VPN for a reliable online experience.

If you believe an ordinary VPN would not be sufficient for 100% security, you can consider using a doublehop VPN. Being a useful feature, it utilizes two VPN servers instead of one. Let’s consider its definition, main advantages, and disadvantages in detail.

Meaning of Double VPN
In the beginning, one should give a response to the what is a double VPN question and only after that move to its pros and cons. As the title implies, this feature stands for double encryption of your online traffic. For example, VeePN is one of the best VPN providers having this option. This VPN chaining method provides users with extra security and privacy. It enables you to conduct double hop and additionally protect your IP address. To make sure this really works, you can make use of a free trial. Thus, we can proceed to the advantages and disadvantages of double VPN.

Advantages of Double VPN
What is a Double VPN used for? Generally speaking, this feature grants users additional protection and privacy. How does this feature perform it? First, it utilizes double encryption. This means several VPN servers encrypt your traffic and as a result, make this traffic virtually uncrackable.

Also, it provides you with an extra IP. The second server conceals the IP of the first server that conceals your real IP address. Moreover, this feature blinds your Internet Service Provider. It is true that your ISP will be aware that you have turned on your VPN. Still, the target website will be a complete riddle for your Internet Service Provider.

Using a doublehop VPN, your whereabouts will remain unknown. As a rule, two servers are placed in various countries. This makes masking your traffic better. Multi-hop places more layers between your real location and your virtual one.

Moreover, you will be able to prepare a sort of protocol cocktail. For this, mix the TCP and UDP versions of the OpenVPN tunneling protocol. This will surely enhance your security.

Disadvantages of Double VPN
Developers of this feature did not expect users to utilize it by default. This is probably the main reason why many VPN providers do not have it and do not intend to even to implement it. For instance, if you desire to torrent safely or get access to streaming platforms, it is not obligatory to make use of multi-hop. Still, if you make a decision to utilize this feature, you should be ready to face some of its cons.

As the practice shows, one of the main disadvantages of double VPN is slow speed. If you make use of a regular VPN, you are aware that its connection reduces speed. Thus, just imagine what will happen when you add a second server and extra encryption. Speed will be reduced more. This means if you plan to watch movies in 4K or download big files, it is recommended to turn double VPN off.

With this feature, using Tor simultaneously will be impossible. Of course, you can still surf the web with the Tor browser with a double VPN turned on. Nevertheless, speed will be as low as you will immediately turn this feature off.

The doublehop VPN consumes more power. We can not apply this drawback to plugged-in devices. Still, you should be ready for a faster battery drain on your mobile. Also, this feature provides users with less choice of servers. While the best Virtual Private Networks have a minimum of 50 countries to select from, Double VPN can not boast of a similar list of countries.

Double VPN is not a mandatory feature. Still, many users find it useful and easy to use. How does this feature work? The VPN server chain is extended by adding more servers. As a result, triple or even quadruple VPNs are created.

If you ask yourself “Is a double VPN worth it?”, you can familiarize yourself with its pros and cons discussed above. To conclude we can say that despite its disadvantages, this feature can still be pretty useful. For example, you may need it while using public Wi-Fi, working in journalism and activism spheres, and avoiding surveillance.

Being not as popular a feature as ordinary VPN, doublehop VPN can still bring benefits to users. With its assistance, you can feel safer while surfing online. You can stay anonymous and make use of the Internet freely.