Lord Shiva: All You Need To Know About Different Avatars of Lord Shiva

India is a place where people worship 130 crore forms of gods and deities being a multi-religious country. Likewise, Hinduism is the dominant religion in this country and is practiced widely across the country. Out of all, Lord Shiva is worshipped in every nook and corner of the country be it north, south, west, or east. When we talk about lord Shiva we know the story of him coming into existence from the beginning till the end. No wonder Shiva is worshipped in every corner of India. During Maha Shivratri, people from every nook and corner observe fast on this day, visit a temple and share Maha Shivratri Wishes with each other.

Every year towards the end of February or in the month of March Shivratri falls on a Chaturdashi Tithi. To dive more about Lord Shiva let’s understand its avatar.

Piplaad Avatar

This avatar of Lord Shiva was born to Sage Dadhichi and his wife, Swarcha. However, he lost his parent’s son after his birth. He was raised by his aunt Dadhimati. As he grew up and learned about the cause of his father’s death, Piplaad cursed Shani Dev (Saturn). He wanted to avenge Shani Dev for causing troubling his father during his lifetime. As a result, Shani Dev fell from the galaxy. However, after the Devas intervened, Piplaad agreed to forgive Shani by saying that none below sixteen would get affected by his adverse effects. Therefore, those who have Shani Dosha worship Lord Shiva.

Nandi Avatar

This avatar of Lord Shiva was brought into the world to Sage Shilada. The sage performed extreme compensation to look for Lord Shiva’s favors and requested a youngster who might stay undying. Along these lines, satisfied by Sage’s commitment, Lord Shiva accepted birth as Nandi, who then, at that point, turned into the guardian of Kailasha (Lord Shiva’s great habitation) and the mount of the Lord.

Veerabhadra Avatar

The Veerabhadra symbol of Lord Shiva is perhaps his fiercest structure. Master Shiva manifested as Veerabhadra after his better half Sati’s passing. The Veerabhadra type of Lord Shiva obliterated King Daksha’s Yagya and executed him for being liable for Sati’s demise.

Bhairava Avatar

The Bhairava Avatar additionally is probably the fiercest symbol of Lord Shiva. Alluded to as Dandapani, the Bhairava Avatar rebuffs the individuals who are ravenous, licentious, and haughty. These negative qualities regularly lead to one’s destruction, and subsequently the motivation behind the Bhairava symbol.


Master Dronacharya had performed serious compensation to kindly Lord Shiva. He needed the Lord to be brought into the world as his child. Subsequently, satisfied by Guru Dronacharya’s dedication, Lord Shiva accepted birth as Ashwatthama, a capable hero who assumed a vital part in the Mahabharata.

Sharabha Avatar

This avatar of Lord Shiva seemed to quiet Lord Narasimha after the last option killed the evil presence of Hiranyakashipu. The Sharabha symbol is one of its sorts. The Lord showed up as a being that mostly resembled a lion and bird. In certain texts, the Sharabha symbol is said to have eight legs.

Apart from the above-mentioned Lord Shiva’s avatar, there are still other avatars that exist like Grihapati, Durvasa, Yatinath, Rishaba, Hanuman, Krishna Darshan, Bhikshuvarya, Sureshwar, Keerat, Sunatnartak, Brahmachari, Yaksheshwar & Avadhut Avatar. No matter in which avatar we will worship lord shiva, one thing we know is when you spend time with Him, all your worries get destroyed.